GMAT or GRE? This question has been haunting me for a long time…for may be the last 6 months. These are two different degrees, poles apart. And I am having a tough time deciding which one is for me. Yes, I like managing things, getting things done. I would like to see myself selling a product, convincing people that my product is the best, taking business decisions. Then GMAT is the way to go. However, instead of selling the product and trying to convince people that my product is best, I would rather like to create a path-breaking product for which you wont even need to convince people. If given an option between creating a software and selling it, I would like to create it.
However, an MBA is a faster route to lots of money. Moreover, it would give me the know-how required to manage a business, and I surely wish to start my own business some time in future. In that way, MBA is fine for me.
But I love programming and there is so much more to learn about computers. I like to know about Operating Sytems, Parallel Computing, AI,RDBMS design(not MySQL,oracle but the internals), newer and cooler algorithms,Compiler design, GNU/Linux and lot many other things.I cannot learn all these properly in my four years of bachelors degree. To learn all these in-depth would take me a decade. However, a MS and then a PhD would at least let me know one of these topics in-depth and will all allow me to learn more about some other topics; more than I can possibly learn during my bachelor’s degree. Also B.Tech is more about cramming things whereas Masters and PhD are about learning. And I am tired of cramming. And it would be very painful to kill my desire for learning new technologies for a MBA degree.

As far as money is concerned, both would give me sufficient amount of money. There is hardly any difference between earning $120,000 a month or $110,000 . And if I get a PhD, I might become the research head of a company. Moreover, no job can give me the amount of money I want. I want to be filthy rich. And that is possible only if I set up my own company. I can always learn the required management procedures right on the job. Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs never attended B-schools.

So I believe its GRE for me. Will prepare for GRE for the next two years.If I succeed, it would be great.If not, I will always have a job to fall back on. And I can then prepare for CAT or GMAT while working. Its a no loss proposition. Now lets see what happens.


4 thoughts on “GMAT or GRE?

  1. Hi

    “As far as money is concerned, both would give me sufficient amount of money. There is hardly any difference between earning $120,000 a month or $110,000 .”

    Hey thats a typo, no master student even from Stanford University earns $120,000 per month. you were supposed to write $120,000 per year. ok ?

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