Books I am reading these days

Since I have to spend the whole of my Diwali vacations inside my room, I went to the library today to get some books to do away with the loneliness. Here a list of the books I will be reading in these 15 days.
1.Beginning Linux Programming by Neil Mathew and Richard Stones
2.Core Python Programming by Wesley J. Chun
3.Unix Network Programming Volume 1 & 2 by W. Richard Stevens
4.Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H Cormen, Charles E Lieserson, Ronald Rivest and Clifford Stein.

Yes, I know you are overwhelmed by just reading the first two words in the name of the book. Thats because you are a lesser mortal and don’t have much else to do other than read blogs, chat on messengers and orkut to people whom you don’t know. You all don’t deserve to live.

And no, I have not posted the names of these books to prove that I am above the rest when it comes to intelligence.(including Harit, who claims to have a 150+ IQ. To him I can only say; dude the IQ test was flawed. And to Sunayana, I would like to say; dear you have Artificial Intelligence but I have pure intelligence ,and yes, unlike her I don’t need a software and neural network to understand Natural Language;I can pretty much do that in my head). I don’t need to prove that. Everyone knows it. And I am not going to repeat that again. I am not going to blow my own trumpet here; I get to do that a lot on ACM workshops where I simply and ruthlessly undermine others and prove once again that I AM THE BEST. But that’s a part of the job you see.

Anyways, so yes, I am going to read these books and learn. Of course you might ask, that these are just 5 books and for a person of my intelligence it wont take more than a few days to finish all of them. What will I do i\on the rest of the days? Simple, I will get more books.

Harit might say that these are computer books and not the kind of high literature that he (claims to) reads. Well dude, I don’t have useless time like you to read useless spy stories and suspense novels. And you don’t have brains like me to read those books. So peace out.

And to all those people who felt offended reading my post. Well, I am sorry. But the truth is always bitter. See I am better than you are but I don’t make any bones about it. I am modest enough to say sorry to lesser mortals like you. So just cheer up.


3 thoughts on “Books I am reading these days

  1. Haha nice πŸ˜€
    Yes we are all superior beings
    I am reading 2 computer books too this Diwali πŸ™‚
    Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs and Speech and Language Processing. Also, the Algo book you got and a book on programming languages for college.

  2. sandman, there is absolutely no doubt you will make an excellent politician in years to come. not only you smear everyone in your sightline, you also smear me more viciously than everyone else. (jealous, are we? πŸ˜€ ) anyways, i am the kind of person who meets 3 scientists in one day!! beat that if you can!!! and whats with the “claim” part u dumbo? i READ the books i say i do. and the test was not flawed.

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