Finally I have decided to take up a free software project. Well its not my idea. It has been going on for quite sometime but has stopped now. It called GLScube(GNU/Linux Semantic Storage System). Its aim is to implement a semantic file system for GNU/Linux. Already Microsoft WinFS and Apple’s Spotlight are being readied which has the same aim as GLScube. This project was started by 4 egyptian programmers as part of their college project. However, they dont have time now, so the project is nearly dead. I want to take it up. And I have Sunayana to help me out. She is the most promising person (apart from me of course) in this entire college. It would have been my bad luck (actually her bad luck) if we would have never worked together. And she is quite deep into Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. So that would really help. So keep waiting. We will soon be out with a newer version of GLScube which is currently in 0.1.


One thought on “GLSCube

  1. did you start in it?
    this is Karim M. Yousef one of the 4 egyptians programmers that start in the project

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