Om Shanti Om

Watched Om Shanti Om, first day first show at Cityplus. Well, let me first clear something out. I had expected a typical re-incarnation type movie which we have already seen quite often. But this film is different from anything that has been made till date. It is the same old re-incarnation story but with a twist and an overdose of laughter. Don’t expect a suspense type movie, the movie makes its intention clear right at the beginning. You can predict the whole story and that is exactly why the emphasis here is not on the story. For all those who think King Khan and Farah Khan were out of their minds while making this movie, let me tell you, they were not. This was never supposed to be a serious movie, never suppose to win critical acclaim or reach the Oscars. It was pure entertainment.FULL STOP.

It has almost the entire Bollywood featuring in it, short cameos of course. And this movie has made fun of every star in the industry including some directors and producers. Its in your face and great fun. The music is good and the performances by SRK, Arjun Rampal and Deepika Padukone are superb. All the characters are over the top. Their is hardly anything serious about this movie.

Watch this movie if you want plain fun on this diwali and are ready to forsake a script and story for that. And if you are those serious types who dissect a movie in every angle and only like movies with stellar performances and realistic story, please stay away from it. Watch Saawariya instead.

And yes, finally the cameo by Akshay Kumar is great. He steals the show with just once scene.

Go watch this movie, sip Coke, munch popcorn, have fun and then forget about it.


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