Google Summer of Code 2008 is here

GSOC is here… And this time I have 4 project proposals. Out of them, one is pretty simple and there is nothing remarkable about it. On the other hand, there is one that would completely revolutionize GNU/Linux, ie, if I complete it at all. Another one would fix a long standing need of GNU/Linux users. While the last one is kinda experimental. No one has thought of doing this and even I am not sure how I will go about implementing it. It sounds easy, but my gut feeling says it would be the most complex to implement. However, if it gets done, GNU/Linux will make a giant leap towards being a very very user-friendly OS.

But. And it a BIG but. Will I get selected? I have ZERO prior experience in FOSS projects. Haven’t worked in any. I have written only small programs where emphasis in largely on the algorithm. Can I handle this? Am I trying to eat more than I can chew?Nah, there’s always a first time. But will I be able to convince this to my prospective mentors?

Lets hope for the best


Let me know what you think

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