Not going to school

Read in TOI about three kids who were kept out of the formal schooling system by their parents.
Their reasoning: The formal schooling system is flawed. It exists just for making money. It encourages unhealthy competition.Its about rote learning and not real understanding

I think these parents and students have got it all wrong
In agree, our schooling systems is far from perfect( well it more close to being imperfect). Yes you make an obscene amount of money from coaching classes. Yes it encourages unhealthy competition, parents force their wards to study, to perform, to learn things they are least bothered with. You are supposed to score more than your friends. And yes, its 90% about rote learning.

But is education and school life just that. What about making friends? Playing cricket and football in the break time. Fighting with your friends and then getting back again.Participating in quizzes, debates and sports. And getting low marks in one test and then scoring highest in class in the next, just to prove yourself. And then going out on dates with that classmate of yours. Falling head over heels in love. Is all this not fun.

Schooling is not just about education. It teaches you some life skills. It teaches you to make friends, to understand others viewpoints. It teaches you to function in a team. Staying at home and studying does not teach you all that.

Yes schooling is competitive. But then so is life. You face competition at each step. So why shy away from it? Why shield your kids from it? Are they never going to face life? Dont try to bring them up in an artificial world. let them survive the real world.

Its fun trying to score more than your peers. It gives you a high when you achieve it. And it gives you one more reason to keep fighting when you dont.

I dont know what kind of life would such kids have, who have never been to school. What would happen to them when they join an university? How will they cope up? I dont know

But I wish them all the best. I hope you will enjoy it when you step in to the real world


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