PATAN….A shame on humanity

The recent news that been coming from DIET-Patan is shocking… I cant imagine how teachers could do this. And no action was taken in spite of complaints made against them. It seems Gujarat’s earlier education minister, Anandiben(ch*d) Patel too knew about all this but took no action. in fact she was supposedly close to Manish Parmar, the biggest bastards of them all. I wont write about the details, read the paper and you would know. However, what I cant comprehend is, is the Gujarat government blind, is it human? Anandiben Patel, being a women herself, should have taken some action. She did not. She ignored all reports and complaints. Now they have assigned two tainted cops to investigate the case. One of them, a woman, is reported to be very harsh when dealing with women. She had earlier asked personal and derogatory questions to a woman who was raped and had come to the police for justice.. Even the new ‘lady’ principal assigned to DIET-Patan too seemed to have stirred up a controversy. She was harsh in dealing with the girls on her very first day. Also immense pressure is being mounted on the families of victims to shut up.The investigation is not progressing further either. It should have been an open and shut case but it been dragged along.

The question is why? Why is the government so inhuman and the people of Gujarat so ignorant? Dont they care? I guess not. They did not care when their fellow muslims were burned, killed and raped in the riots. In fact they joined in. And they dont care now either. I agree, Gujratis know how to make money. So many Indian billionaires are Gujjus. But I guess, they dont see anything beyond profits and making money. It seems Gujarat has no heart.

Wake up. It time now. Do you remember that you are humans too? That you have some moral responsibility.

I agree Gujarat is prospering. And many attribute it to Narendra (Son of a bitch) Modi. I disagree. Gujaratis are industrious and they would have prospered under anyone.

How could you re-elect a man who was responsible for killing so many muslims?
How can you look up to a man who is turning a blind eye to the plight of innocent girls at Patan?

Is money the only thing you know?

Shame on you Gujaratis


One thought on “PATAN….A shame on humanity

  1. we from surat trying to help the victim and collected all the proof and help legally as ngo,we will succeed in punish all involved as well as restructure the education system in gujarat.thanks for concern of gujarat, u r invited by our group for further action

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