101 reasons to stay single

Many of my friends seem to be desperate to get that special someone. Never mind the fact that they dont really have someone specific in mind. So that someone could be just about anyone who satisfies a few criterion, prime among which is good looks. Also if they do have someone in mind, they confess its not love (and they promise they would surely fall in love if that someone says ‘Yes’).

Many of us just want someone, mostly because of peer pressure, also because ‘its’ one cool thing to have. Many of us want someone out of lonliness, never realizing that the other person is also an individual and is not just meant to keep your lonliness at bay.

I have nothing against casual dating or casual affairs. Its fun. But to be upset with oneself for not having that someone, and desperately seeking out that someone is just plain stupid and ,well, desperate.

Be happy within yourself. Seek the company of your friends. Engage in some nice activity (in my case its reading, coding, watching movies and downloaded series). But please for the sake of God, dont behave like a despo.

Some guy by the name Earl S. Wynn has compiled a huge list of 101 reasons to stay single. Read it. And realize that being single is not that bad either.

I was once in a relationship that lasted for approximately 3 years. Break up was hard and it took some time to get used to. But now am happy. Here are my own reasons for being happy about being single.

1.Mine was a long distant one. We met once in 4 months, and felt bad when apart. No more feeling bad now.

2. Huge amount of saving on phone bills.

3. Which means I can spend that money on other things like buying stuff for myself, eating out at the best restaurants in the city, buying new gadgets and designer wear etc.

4. No need to spend the whole of my vacations with her. I can spend it visiting new places, doing internships and projects at various companies and other Univs.

5.More time for myself as less time spent on phone.

6. No more listening to someone else’s problems.(Problems mainly relating to girl fights.)

7. Flirt with anyone, anywhere

8. Earlier I was really hoping to get settled with her after my graduation and then a subsequent MBA. Now I will live life the way I want. Go for MBA or MS. Then start my own company, or work for a startup or a big MNC. And no worries if my company does not do well coz i have no one to support

9.She does not wake me up at 6 in the morning any longer.

10. No worries of getting a brain tumor by being on the phone for more than 4 hrs per day

11.No more worries about doing an MBA/MS abroad. The only people I will miss when abroad are my parents.

12. No more remembering all those dates.

All said, I really think being in love is wonderful. Being loved by someone is more so. But that’s not the only wonderful thing in life. So guys, if you have someone its great, but even if you don’t you have 101 reasons to be happy about.


2 thoughts on “101 reasons to stay single

  1. Well since the women of today are Nothing at all like the real Good old fashioned women were which certainly very much Explains it.

  2. Well since most of the women are very horrible these days which they don’t even have no respect for us good men anymore which certainly tells the whole story right there. Enough said.

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