Visit to blind school

Visited a nearby blind school on 3rd March. I had visited it once earlier and interacted with the kids there. These visits are an initiative of Nirzaree, a friend of mine.She is a very kind hearted person and really cares for those kids, well,actually, she cares for everyone around her.

So this time, she called up and gave me a 5 min notice to be there. However, someone had locked my room from the outside and I got seriously delayed for that reason.By the time I reached the others were about to leave.

Our visits have mostly been very casual. We go and we spend time with the kids, play with them, tell them stories. Playing Antakshiri is of course a favourite. But this I wanted to do something more. I wanted to listen to the problems of this kids and help them. I dont know how, I know I want to. I am a programmer and may be I can write some useful software for them. May be I can ask cash rich Surtis to donate money (Surat is after all the city of diamonds and Gujarat has quite a few millionaires and billionaires) because I am good at convincing people (yes you can call me a good sales guy). So I went and talked to a few teachers and got some views. However, I will have to meet the members of the trust that runs the place. That will happen on Saturday

I am interested in knowing the kind of software they use in their computer labs. Probably that would give me some idea how I can I help them.

Am planning to buy them a braille copy of all of Harry Potter books. Now that I get extra monthly income through my Sun CA stipend, this would be quite affordable đŸ™‚


Let me know what you think

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