Time for some predictions

A lot has been written and talked about the Oracle-Sun deal. Lots of experts have given their predictions as to where this could lead the IT industry in general and the two companies concerned in particular. So now, here’s my 2 cents worth on the Oracle Sun deal. Please bear in mind that these are entirely my own views and hence may be entirely wrong. However, this is my blog and I can express my view. So here are my predictions

1. Oracle most certainly wont kill Solaris. Yes, many experts have predicted that Solaris would be forshaken for the cause of Unbreakable Linux. What these people dont know is the popularity of Oracle running on Solaris. Dude there are scores of customers wanting that. I don’t know if these guys have ever looked at Solaris, may be 10 years back but not now. Solaris is a very advanced OS but is not as popular as GNU/Linux just because it wasn’t free until now. Yes its still way behind Linux in popularity(in desktops).But dude we are not talking about desktops here. We are talking servers, enterprise servers and there Solaris is pretty popular. Also GNU/Linux is supported across a wider range of hardware and architecture. But then again, server hardware is pretty much standardized and Solaris makes fantastic use of multi core server segment CPUs from both AMD and Intel. Solaris runs on the hardware that it needs to run on and does that pretty damn well. Solaris was never really meant to run on desktops and embedded devices. Only servers.

2. Oracle would not sell off Sun’s hardware division. In fact I think one of the reasons Oracle bought Sun was its hardware. They ain’t gonna sell it to someone like HP, Dell etc. $ 7.4 Billion just for Java, nopes, I dont think so. These experts got to understand that Sun’s workstation are among the best in the market. The reason they are not getting sold is because no one right now is buying servers, not of Sun or IBM or HP or anybody. Its recession time dude.

3. Oracle is not gonna make Java proprietary. While Oracle hasn’t really got any record of delving into FOSS, Oracle isn’t stupid. When you try to make a FOSS project proprietary, the only thing that happens is that, it forks. And making it proprietary will only antagonize developers. Frankly, I dont see what Oracle will gain by making Java proprietary. The way I see it, Java will remain with the Java Community Process. Oracle will benefit by the growth of Java and related technologies. And people who think Oracle never did any FOSS work should, for one, check this btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/

4. Oracle won’t entirely shut down Sun’s R&D division. A lot of fantastic software and hardware has come out of there. Please understand that poor financial situation does not really mean bad products. There are different reasons and products surely isn’t one of them, in case of Sun. Sun’s products rock.

And a few hopes:

1. Oracle wont shut down Sun Campus Ambassador Program. Why? Coz I am a campus ambassador. 

2. Sun SPOTs would continue. Why? Its one cool piece of tech.


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