Parting 1.0

All the final year students are leaving now. Most assos have already given their farewell to their seniors. Many cried. I did not join any asso so I was not invited to any of those farewell where people booze and cry. In fact I am hardly attached to any senior. I and two other friends had earlier given a (booze free) farewell to some seniors. Today, I again went out with Sunayana for dinner.She is by far the only senior I am close to. She was the one who inducted me into ACM during the first ACM workhsop that was conducted when I was in my first year. Since then we have always shared a very good relationship because we were both interested in tech.  I was always in awe of her. She taught me to forget CGPA and do what one likes. She brought me into ACM. which has (happily or sadly) become my life in college. She encouraged me to start the Linux Users Group and Web developers group in our college, after all I was just a fresher then. Also she did way with all senior-junior formality like calling ‘Maam’ and wishing seniors whenever we meet. She was by far the coolest senior I have known.

So now, she is leaving tomorrow. We went out for dinner. It was all very normal and we talked about our future plans and other casual stuff just like it was some other dinner and we would surely meet the next day at the department(and curse it). But then when she was leaving, suddenly I realized that I am probably meeting her for the last time. This would probably be the last time we would curse the department together, talk about tech and other chit chat. So it was kinda strange. Seniors do matter and you do miss them. 

Hey Tech Mom, all the best to you for your future. And I would surely offer you a position in my software company. 
[For those who dont know, our college has this Tech Parenthood tradition. So your direct senior becomes you tech dad/mom and your direct junior you tech son/daughter. And this goes till great grand son/daugther/mom/dad. Since I was a non-asso and so was Sunayana, she became my tech mom and I her tech son]


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