First Sun event this academic year

My CA term got extended for a year. So I will be the CA throughout my 4th year. My coordinator this year is Kumar Abhishek, a absolutely cool guy whose tech demos are wildly popular. My first event this year was on 4th Aug. It was an introduction to Sun and FOSS. I wanted to talk to people about FOSS, why it matters to Sun and why it should matter to them. We at our ACM Chapter, too, take FOSS seriously and do our best to promote FOSS. I made 2 types of posters(20 each), one to promote FOSS and the other to highlight Sun, which were put up at various part of the college.

Sun poster

FOSS poster

The talk focused on what FOSS is and I talked a bit about all the history related to it including the Free Software Foundation and Open Source Initiative. I also talked a bit about some popular FOSS software to make it clear that FOSS means serious software and not just enthusiasts stuff.Then the talk moved over to Sun Microsystems. My focus was mainly the software and hardware that Sun develops and some of its pioneering work. The students were particularly interested in OpenSolaris and have asked me to conduct workshops on it. That will soon happen, but before that I need to conduct workshop on Netbeans and SPOT. I am already in the process of installing Netbeans on all PCs in our computer lab. The talk went for about 90 mins and I was happy to see that the students were not bored.Students who asked good questions or answered my questions received Sun goodies. A total of 43 students attended, a good feat considering most had left home for raksha bandhan. Expectations are high now and I have to deliver. I will do at least one more tech demo next week, if possible two.

Wish me luck. 🙂


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