Love Aaj Kal..My take

Watched the movie Love Aaj Kal yesterday. Why? Hadn’t slept for the previous two days (Why? Professional deadlines and personal problems=no sleep), and wasn’t feeling sleepy even after the professional deadlines were met and the personal issues were sorted out. So decided to watch the movie with a friend. Now a little bit of background info on our respective love lives. My friend has a turbulent love life, she is spoilt for choices and breaks in and out of relationship faster than many hollywood actresses. In many ways, she is the “Meera” of Love Aaj Kal. I, on the other hand, have a near non-existent love life. I don’t want choices, and I am rather keen (read, the way a homing missile chases a target) on someone now who does not even give a minuscule damn to me (not unexpected but undesirable nevertheless). My idea of love falls somewhere mid-way between the two Saifs in the movie.So we both decided to watch Imtiaz Ali’s latest take on love and kill some hard earned time.

I will not review the movie here. If you want that, just Google “Love aaj kal review”. The movie was watchable despite pathetic acting by Saif and Deepika. I liked the concept but the execution was flawed. The whole LDR (Long Distance Relationship) angle was there. And both me and my friend have had bad LDR experiences. While both of us were faithful to our respective ‘better halves’, they did not. And we have both moved on leaving all bitterness behind us. One one side, there is Rishi Kapoor and his outdated love values and “pratigya”, on the other hand we had Saif and Deepika, who are practical and don’t want to continue a LDR considering that a pursuit not fit for the “mango people”.

The movie has raised some questions in my mind. Are concepts like “true love” non-existent in today’s practical world? If you loved someone, how long would you wait for her? Is it even worth waiting? And do we fall in love only once? Would you still wait for her if she got married? Or would you try to break her impending marriage (like Patrick Dempsey in Made of Honor; btw I loved that movie 😉 ) Lets try to find some answers, or rather speculate on some answers.

Are concepts like “true love” non-existent. I don’t think so. There are quite a few “made for each other” couples in our college. Some of my friends are in serious relationships. So yeah, despite all practicality, “made for each other” love does exists, despite a statistically minor occurrence. But what if its a LDR. What if you move to another city/country/continent away from the person you love? Add to it the misery that she has no feelings for you or ,on a more optimistic note, you are unsure about her feelings for you? Would you still wait for her hoping that she would one day fall in love with you, knowing fully well that she would meet a lot more interesting, smarter, more accomplished, handsome people. Would you still hope that she would one day be yours? Or would you just chuck LDR and go for a girl who is there and do away with all the uncertainty. Even if you were with another girl, would you be able to completely forget her. What would I do in such a situation? Honestly, I don’t know. May be I will wait for fer. But that would be a painful option and a highly illogical one too. But matters of the heart are never decided by cold logic, if it were, I wouldn’t be writing this post in the first place.

Does “true love” happens only once, as told in Love Aaj Kal and many other Bollywood movies? Or can it happen more than once, a la KKHH? Can we completely forget someone and move on? I would say yes. I don’t say I have forgotten my ex, but she is now just another person I met. I don’t get emotional when I think of her. Does that mean I never loved her?No. I did everything to be with her (missing an HPC conference too) and I was completely devastated when I broke up with her. And I am happy I got over all that. I took time and effort but I eventually did. Now, as I am writing this post, I look back at all that misery and I realize my folly. I am not the least emotional as I am typing these words. In fact, that break-up taught me how to control my emotions and I am quite good at it now.

May be I will do everything in my power to be with her, be near and hoping she would one day notice me. Is it worth giving up everything for the person you love? May be I will know someday.

Okay,so far so good. Now lets take misery and hopelessness to the next level. She is about to get married and you are invited. Depending on how good friends you were, you could even be invited to help out in making all the preparations for the wedding. What do you do? 1. Sulk and not go. 2. Go and pretend as if everything is okay 3. Go and do everything in your power to sabotage the wedding and prove to her that you are the one for her. If we go by pure logic, option 1 is the best. Just avoid the damn wedding. But then matters of heart don’t listen to logic. So the best option would be to be as integral a part of the weeding as you can, and sabotage it. Yes, steal the bride. Simple. If you want ideas, just rent DVDs of “My best friends wedding” and “Made of honor” or closer home “mere yaar ki shaadi hai”. Now one thing common with all these movies was that the protagonist (the bride stealer) and the bride were best friends. Now you will need to work on that. You HAVE to be her best friend. Just HAVE to.

And now lets come to the highest level of hopelessness and misery. Despite your valiant efforts, she got married. What next? 1.Move on 2(a). Keep loving her 2(b).Keep loving her and pray that her husband catches Swine Flu (not forgetting to pray that she should not catch Swine flu from her husband) 2(c)Keep loving her and make an elaborate plan to break up the marriage. Now all of this is quite uncharted territory even for the brave story writers on Bollywood and Hollywood movies. In some cases, we have seen that the husband dies or she has a divorce and they meet and fall in love again. Examples are Hum Tum, KKHH (wife dies though), Love Aaj Kal, Dil Ka Rishta (I know you dont remember it). Any other you can remember? But really, nothing can be said. You are on your own mate.

So guys think very hard before falling head-on into this love thingy. Then again, logic never works with love. If I had listened to logic a year ago, I would not have been writing this post today. 😉


5 thoughts on “Love Aaj Kal..My take

  1. Well, there’s a hoard of people standing behind clapping and cheering. Now why are they doing this is coz of your uncanny ability to see that many prespective. Shows your ultra libertariian attitude. Good

    And well for the love thing – We have to decide what do we consider as ‘success’ in an ‘affair’ is what happens after you pop the question or after you have been down the lane for a couple of months/years etc. Or, is that you falling in love, was after all the only great thing for you!

    When ‘love’ stops being a noun and starts being a verb…all the expert anaylsis on the issue stops being considerable. And that my friend….is what I can say is love be all about.

  2. Thank you.
    And yes, love should not be a verb. Its a noun. It happens. And happens when you least expect it and with the person you never thought you would fall in love with. For me success in love would come when ‘that someone special’ would also fall in love with me. But may be there is no ultimate success in life. Its like a never ending contest. One round after another. There is no end to love. 🙂

  3. i told you then u were a idiot getting so serious but ya like u said love is never logical so its good that u are over it still that day was hard heck you broke mom and dads hearts so its good that u learned from your mistake

    oh and u still can’t control your emotions

    by the way the swine flu part was good……..

    be carefull this time bro…….. hoping that i don’t hav to console my crying bro at the middle of the night again .

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