Things to do

Another “things to do” post where I can brag about all the things I am doing and will do

  1. Sort out the errors in my SCALASCA code. Yeah even geniuses make mistakes
  2. Write an article on atheism for our college mag -Renesa
  3. Write the Tech Page for Renesa
  4. Write two book reviews for Renesa
  5. Write an article on blogging for Renesa
  6. Start on my final year project which I am doing for Sun Microsystems. Details later. Its a secret

My last post was a rather stupid and funny (some find it emotional and I must say that was unintentional) take on Love and Love Aaj Kal. My page hits jumped to nearly hundred in a day. So I guess I will have to write some more on these lines.

Some ideas:

  1. How not to do ‘franship’ with a girl? (I believe Gujju guys really need it)
  2. How ‘not to’ ask any sort of help from ‘her’ friends? And how you will end up totally screwing your chances by doing so
  3. 10 reasons why honesty (or anything even close to it) is certainly not a good policy
  4. 10 reasons to not join SVNIT
  5. 10 reasons to not be a programming geek
  6. How to sabotage ‘her’ impending wedding–  10 clues from Bollywood and Hollywood
  7. 5 tips on how to bluff your way through a tech talk.

Let me know what you think

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