True love scales absurb heights in Surat :p

In a bid that takes doucebaggery to absurdy absurd heights, Raju Thakur, a Surti, jumped from the third floor of a building to woo a 16 year old girl. Apparently, the girl was profoundly inspired by “Rakhi ka Swyamvar” and asked our lover boy to prove his love by jumping off the building. And so did our man, Raju Thakur and then left to his native UP to get treated (of his injuries only leaving his douchebaggery completely intact). After he returned, the two love birds eloped to live happily ever after. But our heartless cops decided to play spoilsport and arrested them both after a complain from the just-about-almost-father-in-law of Raju.

I think the two should have been allowed to get married and make a fucktarded attempt at trying to live a married life. I am sure they would have realised there mistake and come to senses. I mean its not everyday you have one female frigtard asking a male douchebag to jump off a building. Now they are some species who are certainly above us practical, boring, stupid humans who express love by such old fashioned ways like giving cards, going for long walks, showing subtle niceties. You ain’t proven your love until you have jumped off a building mate…


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