JoyFest @ SVNIT

As engineering students we often get to hear from our faculty, parents and sometimes even random strangers that engineers have responsibilities and obligations towards the society. And we generally nod in favor. However, I can be certain that not even 1 percent realize what that obligation entails. And yes, we don’t bother to find it. Not because we are brats, but an endless curriculum and various extra curricular activities leave us very ,little time to ponder over these. We do want but most of us don’t know how and where.

We do have a group called Nirvana in the college. It is formed of our students and supported by the administration. They interact with the kids of the laborers who work in our college on various construction activities and teach them. It has been a commendable effort on their part. But still its a small group and not many join in.

In that context, Joy of Giving Week is a great concept. It would focus the energy of today’s youth on social issues for a brief period which will benefit the society as well as make them aware of issues that they can tackle. It will, hopefully, be the beginning of a realization of one’s responsibilities and obligations towards society.

At SVNIT, we will be celebrating JoyFest on the 29th. 250 differently abled kids would come and spend the afternoon at our campus. Students of our college will interact with them and mentor them. And its heartening to see that a lot of students have signed up for it. It feels great to know that we engineers do care. People generally volunteer for college activities to get a certificate or other benefits. Here people are coming on their own and they don’t want anything in return, which is a breathtaking change. Then there is the performance by the Orchestra from the school of the visually challenged at Surat. It must be a real feat for visually challenged kids to play music instruments. I am looking forward to their performance. The college has been really generous in funding this endeavor and some enthusiastic students managed to generate a good sum of money through a paper collection drive. Hats off to them

Apart from this, we are planning a donation drive where students could donate stuff to be distributed among the needy. Many students have come forward and some are being exceptionally generous.

We are all trying our best to organize it in the best possible way. Wish us luck.


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