Innovation @ ACM

As most you reading this blog might know, I was the Chairperson of the ACM Student Chapter of our college last year. As I am in my final year now, I have resigned and handed over the reigns of the chapter to an enthusiastic group of third year students. I will advising them in the capacity of a Student Mentor and so will Punit Mehta, the ex Vice Chairperson.

Until now the focus of ACM has been in conducting events and imparting knowledge to the students. This year, the junior decided to curtail on such events and instead go on a project drive where a group of students from First (Freshers) and Second (Sophomore) years will be alloted a project and they have to complete it by the end of this year. The will be guided by their seniors in Third (Junior) years.

Being senior students, I and Punit are guiding these students in  their projects. Our job is to look after all the projects and ensure that issues are sorted and deadlines met. The projects are from varied areas like web designing, J2ME, Java apps, Robotics, Image Processing and Linux. I wont go into the details here. Between me and Punit, we have experience in all the areas and yes, the projects were itself decided based on the experience of the people guiding them. A Project Allotment drive was conducted by the current ACM Core Team and projects were assigned.

And today was the first meeting since then.It was held at the canteen.I and Punit talked to the students on what technologies they were required to learn and how to go ahead with it. We gave each team a small task to accomplish by the end of their diwali vacations. Also we would be interacting with them on the ACM SVNIT Mailing list. We have high hopes with these projects.Lets see how things turn up.


2 thoughts on “Innovation @ ACM

  1. With this kind of thing going on, you are well on your way to a much better career line than those you have outlined in your latest post. I’m happy for you.

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