Future Plans

Well this is my 7th sem, and by this May I will be an computer engineer, expected to contribute to the Indian IT industry and make billing/ERP/SAP/CRM software for some of the biggest(and boring) IT companies. Of course, if the Training and Placement section has its way, none of us will be working for anyone whatsoever. This and the fact that I love my coding, and therefore do not want to do stupid IT software, is making me think about a good career choice. See I love my coding, and I think its an art. But what you do in IT firms in not art, its road painting. Therefore I detest. So here are a few career options before me and I have arranged them in the order of appeal and ease of attainability

  1. Spend my dad’s money for the rest of my life: Not bad. And I have shown immense prowess in this skill. And I am improving every month. Pros: Everything, Cons: None
  2. Marry a girl with rich parents/high salary: I don’t mind if she is older to me. I just want to stay at home, watch TV and code. Will contribute hugely to FOSS projects because I dont have to work about money. Pros: No work , Cons: A wife
  3. Do freelance programming: Will decide my own schedule. Will work when I want. Pros: Mentioned already, Cons: Freelancers don’t get to do challenging work
  4. Do a MS: Pros: Yippie, Coding+Academic life(less stressful) Cons: There will still be exams
  5. Do an MBA: Pros: Will get the GOMBA tag (Grossly Overpaid MBA) Cons:Will have to clear the Bschool entrance exam,Will have to study for the degree, Will have to work at work 😦
  6. Ad-hoc faculty at SVNIT: Pros: No work whatsoever Cons: None if I have to remain here for just one year and leave in May 2011, else the Cons are: God, SVNIT all over again, same boring faculty members I suffered for 4 years, stupid students whom I will have to teach
  7. Do a JOB: Pros: Will get paid Cons: Will have to work, Will have a Boss

Hopefully, I will be able to take a decision over the next few months. Any suggestions and sarcasms on the same are welcome.


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