Obituary: Renesa

Someone byt the name “The Fourth Estate”  sent this in last night to the all students mailing list of SVNIT. Given below is the email and a obituary. Check it out. Hillarious and heartening at the same time

Fourth Estate:

This mail has not been created out of any sort of personal hatred or
animosity towards any person or establishment whatsoever. It has simply been
created to preserve the nature of free speech in the engineering college in
question. The authorities of the said college have tried to suppress free
speech by showing aggressive desires to control it. But the author wishes to
remind the authorities in question as well as his readers that free press
has an indomitable survival instinct. Using a better analogy, it is like a
hydra. Whenever you cut a head off, two new ones will invariably take its
place. This, then, is the new-sprung head of the hydra. Watch this space.

And this pic

Death of Free Speech

Will keep you updated on further developments


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