Moving your photos from Facebook to Google+

While it’s way too early to comment if Google+ will kill Facebook, it sure looks promising and people are dying to get their hands on invites. Getting used to a new social network does take a lot of time; getting used to the UI and terminology, inviting friends, filling up your profile, adding your pics, all of these happen over weeks if not months. There is a easier way to move your photos from Facebook to your Google+ account.

Facebook allows you to download all your data (pics, videos, comments, profile data etc) as a zip file. You can then use Picasa to upload those photos to your Picasa account and therefore make them available on Google+

Here are the steps

Step 1: Click on Account > Account Settings

Step 2: Click on the ‘learn more’ link under ‘Download Your Information’

Step 3: Click on Download

Step 4: In the next page that comes up, click on ‘Download’ again

Step 5: And you are done. Click on ‘Okay’

Facebook takes time to gather all your data. You will get a mail with a link to download your data when Facebook has finished gathering your data.

Step 6: Downloading your date

once Facebook is done archiving your data, you will get a mail with a download link. Click on that link, provide your password and download your data as a zip file

Step 7: Extract the zip file

Step 8: Move the pictures folder to your My Pictures Folder (optional)

Step 10: Open up Picasa. It will automatically detect the new pics. In case you did not put the pics in your My Pictures folder, you might have to manually import the pics. Enable ‘Sync’ for every album you want to share on Google+

And its done. The pics will be synced to your Picasa account and will appear on Google+

That’ it.

However, you will have to manually upload your videos as Google+ does not yet integrate with your Youtube account.


2 thoughts on “Moving your photos from Facebook to Google+

  1. You can use Fotolink to do this… With Fotolink you can drag and drop only the photos you want. You can also migrate your tagged photos and photos that your friends posted.

    You can also drag and drop photos from anywhere (Flickr, photobucket, smugmug etc.,) to Google+

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