8 Quirky Social Networking sites

Orkut is on life support, FB is in, Twitter is sweet and short and Google+ in the new place to be on the Internet. The avalanche of information and updates that these social networks throw at you can be overwhelming and, lets face it, largely pointless. Do you really want to know if your buddy from school is going through a breakup, or if that guy who met at that conference 2 years back has a cold or the address of the place where Salman Khan orders his butter chicken from?

Nevertheless, some of us have needs that are clearly not satisfied by any of these social networking sites which is why niche, and rather quirky, as you will soon realize, sites have sprung up to fill the void. So read on

1. IntellectConnect.com : It is for those Sheldon Coopers among us and calls itself “web’s #1 place for artsy and curious people”. If you are one of those who loves differential equations, genetic algorithms or have read and understood the General and Special Theories of Relativity or you can differentiate a Raphael from a Bellini and are looking for a like minded individual, this is the social network for you.

2. Redkaraoke.com : Its a site that lets you unleash the singer (or wailer) within you. Log on to this site, select a song and you can karaoke on it. Not just that, it even allows you to record and share your songs and listen to others (remember to keep your pointer on the mute button just in case). All you need is a microphone.

3. MatchADream.com : Its a site where you can discuss your dreams with other members and waste countless hours discussing and deciphering the meaning behind those dreams.

4. LineforHeaven.com : I am pretty sure some of our Indian godmen as well as Pastor Ted Haggard would not be happy about this because this site eats into their clientele. You can confess your sins, talk about your temptations, take up and promote causes, bless others and even play holy to god games. Various activities on the site earn you Karma points (yes its THAT simple to earn Karma) which lets you reserve a spot in heaven when the reaper comes for your soul. Spots are awarded every Sunday, so convenient, is it not?

5. Eons.com : Its a site for “boomers” or old people. Its pretty much like Facebook in features – you have a profile and you can share photos and videos and play games. Its throws in a ‘longevity’ calculator that allows you to calculate how long you will live and offers health advice to prolong your life. Mental note: Must put a reminder to visit this when (and if) I am 50.

6. VampireFreaks.com :Twilight has done for Vampires what Che Guevara bikinis did for Communism. For reasons beyond the fathomable a lot of teenage girls now want to have a blood sucking vampire as a boyfriend. So if you are one of those teenage girls or just into the whole ‘vampire thing’ or have a love for all things gothic, this is where you should be. Instead of groups, you can join ‘cults’ (like ‘Twilight”) and even chat. The site also has a good deal of info on top metal bands like Black Sabbath, Cradle of Filth etc.

7. StachePassions.com : A site for people with a fetish for mustaches. Mustaches are grouped by the style like ‘Walrus’ or ‘Pencil’ or by experience levels like ‘newbie’ and ‘expert’. Some of our actors down south can certainly gain a lot of fan following on this site.

8. Garbo: This isn’t a social networking site, or even a site at all.It was announced with much fanfare by Randy Hallet (twitter.com/garbotweets) and was supposed to be an anti social networking site.  Named after the 1930s film star turned recluse, Garbo was supposed to allow users to quietly de-friend everyone in their Linked-In, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Digg, and other social networks without anyone noticing. New friend requests sent on any of these existing services would have been greeted with a one-line response: “I want to be left alone.” Alas, this never saw the light of the day.

Let me know, if you find any other such quirky social networking sites. I will add it to this list and you will get due credits for the same.


One thought on “8 Quirky Social Networking sites

  1. Haha, I once had a long chat with a girl on omegle. (in 2010, when I was preparing for IIT JEE)
    I asked for her social accounts after chatting for more than 2 hours. She gave me the link to her Vampire Freaks profile! Thats how I am acquainted with that site. 😀

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