CBR250R 3000 km Ownership Review

Well, here it comes. I have been thinking of writing this for a while now. So yes, I bought a CBR250R last October and have clocked some 3600km so far. My office is rather near to my home so don’t get to ride it as much as I would like to. The CBR250R is my first ever bike, back in school I used to ride my mom’s Kinetic Honda.

So let’s take it step by step and answer  questions that you might have in your mind

But before we get into that, let me tell you the one question I won’t answer : “Kitna deti hai?”. Sorry pal, if you are looking for mileage look elsewhere. One doesn’t just buy a CBR250R for it’s mileage. It’s a rider’s bike not a commuters bike.

Why CBR250R and not the Yamaha R15, Duke 200 or the Pulsar 200?

The R15 is too under-powered. Sure it looks great but looks isn’t all that I was looking for. The Duke looks good and has a great power to weight ratio but it was too naked a bike for my tastes. Besides, me being a rather bulky guy it wouldn’t have suited me as much. And of course its 200 cc. Pulsar 200 of course is value for money but it doesn’t have the refinement or the power I wanted.

But what tilted the scales in favour of the CBR for me was the ABS and the relative exclusivity. The ABS is one of the reasons I haven’t had an accident so far despite speeding quite a bit and braking really hard. As for exclusivity, every fifth bike is a R15 and every second bike is a Pulsar. Dukes are still fewer but not as few as the CBR250R.

That being said, if I were to buy a bike right now in the 250-300 cc category it would be the new 2013 Ninja 300 which has everything the CBR has plus better looks and an extra 50 cc. Also, Yamaha is rumoured to be launching it’s 250 cc bike, so you could wait for that.

And why not the (old)Ninja? Well I didn’t see too much value for the extra 1.5 lakhs I would be paying. The old Ninja had a dated instrument cluster which was a big turn off and while it did have extra power but to me it didn’t justify the price. But the new Ninja is definitely worth a look. I would buy it.

How good does it look in the flesh?

Pretty darn good actually. Though I would have preferred a better tail. The paint job on the Pearl Heron Blue looks good but may be a

Honda CBR250R Pearl Heron Blue

Honda CBR250R Pearl Heron Blue

little too flashy for some. The red looks good too while the black almost hides all the layers and curves on the bike.I actually don’t like the paint job on the new 2013 CBRs.

How does it ride and handle?

To be honest I won’t be able to provide a comparison with either R15 or Duke as I haven’t had the opportunity to ride either of those. That being said, the riding stance isn’t as sporty as the R15 going with the intention of it being a sports tourer, however it’s forward enough to give you good control while your thighs hug the bike. The forward stance will obviously be a problem if you ride continuously for a long time (like say 2-3 hours at a stretch) and yours palms and back will flinch in pain. Your legs also are bent while sitting which means prolonged ride will cause pain in the joints and cramps. But then all of this is expected from any sports bike. If you have a problem with these buy a cruiser.

Handling is good though a bit on the softer side, which is needed for potholed Indian roads and that too in a city like Bangalore which has speed breakers every 100 metres (I once drove over a speed breaker at over 70 kmph). The Continental GT tires are decent but the rear could do with a little more grip, particularly during high speed high lean angled turns. I suggest you replace those with a set of Pirelli Sports Demons for better grip particularly if you are fond of taking high speed turns. On the GT tires, I have so far managed a 100 km 50 degrees lean angle turn on Inner Ring Road and you can easily take most turns here at 40-50 kmph. I will s.facebook_-1640867250oon replace these tires with the PSD and let you know the results.

The softer suspension is of course a bit of an issue during cornering but Honda tried to make a trade off between regular road usage and high speed riding. You can always get the suspension setting changed to lower the damping.

Does the Combined ABS do any good? Is it useful? Is it true that ABS is only useful at very high speeds? Is it worth the extra 30k?

Let me answer the last question first. Yes, the ABS is worth every penny of the 30k you spend. First lets get some clarity on what ABS does on a bike. Put it simply, it prevents your wheels from locking up under heavy breaking. This helps because

  • Since ABS prevents your wheels from locking up, you are able to maneuver the bike while coming to a stop. This is particularly useful if you have an obstacle in front of you that you want to avoid
  • Braking distance is much lesser with ABS because the computer constantly adjust break pressure for optimal breaking. Also if your tires skid, breaking distance would be much higher because, as you would have learnt in Physics class, rolling friction > sliding friction
  • You can always break hard like a pro without worrying about skidding. That’s one less worry on your mind and you can enjoy the ride
  • ABS is even more useful in case of sudden braking where there is a tendency to squeeze the brakes all the way. In non ABS bikes that would lead to a crash
  • ABS adjusts to the surface which means even in wet roads, you would get optimal braking without skidding

You can also check out many of the videos on ABS on bikes posted in Youtube. Of course, there are some among us who think they are Rossi and have perfect braking under all conditions; to them I say “Good Luck”. Just remember that according to a US study, motorcyclists have 30 times greater chance of road accident compared to cars. But then again, you are Rossi.

The other misconception people have is that ABS is activated only at high speed. That’s patently untrue. The CBR250R ABS gets activated above 10kmph.

So why is it called Combined ABS?

Unlike most bikes with independent rear and front ABS, the Honda has a combined system where

  • Pulling the front brake only engages the front brake which has an independent ABS
  • Pulling the rear engages both the rear and front brakes and hence the “Combined” in Combined ABS. In this case, the computer decides how much breaking force to exert on each wheel. Under braking, the weight of any bike shifts forward and onto the front

    Honda Combined ABS

    wheels resulting in higher traction on the front and lower traction on the rear wheel (something like a 70:30 split between front and rear breaking force). Therefore, simply using the rear wheels to stop (in case of non C-ABS bikes) will results in much lower braking force and greater braking distance. In C-ABS, the computer distributes the breaking force between the two wheels and this results in more efficient braking and much lower braking distance.

I generally use the front brakes 90% of the time and lightly press the rear to shave off speed when needed. For very hard braking I press hard on the rear (C-ABS) brakes. From what I figured, pressing the rear brake lightly only engages the rear brakes while pressing it hard engages both brakes.

How good is it? Well I haven’t had an accident so far and we all know how people (particularly auto rickshaw drivers) drive in Bangalore. And did I mention, this is my first ever bike and yet no accident. While in theory there should be no skidding on any surface, it does skid on gravel and sand (personal experience and frightening at that)

Is it very hard to ride because of it’s weight? Hell no. This is the second thing people ask me (first, being the mileage) and almost every friend of mine had cautioned me against buying it and advised me to  go for a docile 125 cc or 150 cc instead as this would be my first bike. Yes, the bike is heavy and the weight would be a huge factor if you had to push the bike with your legs instead of turning on the sweet 250 cc engine. The bike is also slightly harder to maneuver and turn at low speeds but certainly not so hard that you will drop it. My legs aren’t the strongest around and yet I haven’t dropped it ever, even with a 90 kilo pillion on board.

The CBR250R is one the easiest bikes to ride and probably one of the best beginner bike; in fact a lot of it’s riders in US and Europe are women. The ABS makes it even more safer and easier. Go for the ABS, an extra 30k for a bike like this is nothing considering the added safety and peace of mind.

Features and Instrument Cluster

Well I have already mentioned the C-ABS, the most important feature. The instrument cluster looks really good and provides information like fuel, trip meter, tacho, digital speedo and engine temp along with a digital clock. When you start the bike, it does a self test of and the digital speedo counts down from 200 to 0.

Top Speed and Acceleration

I don’t know the top speed though it’s reportedly around 152kmph. The max I have managed was around 120+ on Inner Ring Road. Guess I will have to go to NICE Road to find the top speed. Acceleration is better than anything I have ever ridden and you will always enough grunt in reserve for fast overtaking. While the Duke has a better power to weight ratio, I have overtaken quite a few of those. A lighter rider should be able to do that even more easily.

Any problems?

Yes one. Sometimes the gear shifter refuses to come down from 2nd to 1st or neutral when I have stopped at a red light.

Final Word

Riding gear on. Ready to burn the road :)

Riding gear on. Ready to burn the road 🙂

I love to ride my bike and every time I get on it is special to me. I am looking to move up in a year or so, preferably a GSX 600r or CBR600RR (if those are launched) or else a CBR400R/CBR500R which are expected to be launched this year. This bike is the first big thing I bought with my own money and therefore will always remain special to me.


108 thoughts on “CBR250R 3000 km Ownership Review

  1. Is cbr 250r having engine problem like overheating?
    and also false neutral?coz i recently saw in a review in internet pls help?

    • No overheating. I did a 240km trip n thr was no overheating. That being said the engine does get hot n u can feel ur legs getting warm but thats expected from a 250cc
      Also i never faced any false neutrals

  2. An extremely well written and balanced review. I am in exactly the same dilema. Obviously the Ninja 300 is so much more bike (Twin cylinder, etc etc etc ) but then is probably not a daily use bike in our traffic conditions.
    The CBR feels like you can use it every day , and be able to sneak in a quick couple of hard blasts whenever the road conditions allow. The duke is phenomenal as well but is a little too radical looking for me.

  3. Nice review.

    It’s best not compared. As a bike,with Single cylinder and copious torque to go with, it’s a dream until 6000 RPM> beyond that,it’s a laggard. But a good rider will always find a way to to hit speeds in excess of 140 at the cost of mileage. But ride it hard,that’s the secret for better performance. Don’t go with brerak-in 40km speed for 500kms etc. It’s all useless. The engine will keep ticking otherwise,which is not what you want from a single cylinder 250cc bike.

    It looks/seems expensive compared to DUke 200 and 390. But there is a difference. the reliability and the build. It’s incomparable(in my opinion).

  4. I bought Honda CBR 250 in Oct2011. i am totally Unhappy with this bike.
    Its a totaly Bakwas bike. I will never buy honda bike/car. Honda service in Delhi is shit. I put my bike on sale on OLX.

  5. Hi sir I m lookin to buy cbr250 but I m confused little rather CBR 150 is best or CBR 250 actually the whole design is same only diff of engine cc and I heard cbr150 gives 45 of milege which is quite better and CBR 250 gives 20 . so wht u say about it and major diff these two

  6. Hi…well I have prepared myself to buy CBR 250R in few days…the review helped me alot to come to a consensus. I wil be using it for daily routine & have a huge penchant for it. Just a small que : would it give fuel economy arnd 35-40kmpl ? and i hope their is no vibration on the fiber work done in long run ?

  7. I m confused between yamaha r 15 2.0 version or Honda cbr 250 r bcoz both are looking sporty but I want few qualities in my bike just like looks, performance, low maintenance, fuel efficiency, breakings, n I mostly rides in a city roads so which is a better bike for me?

    • Sporty looks is where the similarity between r15 and CBR250 ends. They are very different bikes and the CBR is considerably more powerful than the R15 owing to its higher displacement. Lets take it one by one
      1. Looks: Both looks good. At the end of the day its your call. Just because they both look sporty doesnt mean they are in the same class.
      2. Performance: CBR obviously. its 250cc, 26 bhp
      3. Low maintenance: Both are
      4. Fuel efficiency: If you want fuel economy buy a Splendor. THe CBR is as fuel efficient as a 250cc single cylinder engine can possibly be
      5. Breaking: CBR has ABS so it definitely the best when it comes to braking

      Comparing the two bikes is like comparing apples and oranges. If you have the money to spend, go for CBR.

      • sir maine cbr250r mil rhi hai or uskii ek year se service ni hvi hai toh ek year mai bs 1000 km mai hi chlayii hai bs.2011 model hai kitne ki laini chahea vo or without abs laine ka fyda bi hai ya ni

    • Hi, am Vijay. I saw this post of yours. I own R15 V2.0, in my opinion and to be pratical dont go for R15 reasons are:
      1. suspension setup is on hard side
      2. Not a highway bike; the ergos are the worst as it got a track stance
      3. If you want your back to be in pain you can consider to buy though
      On the good side:
      1. I got a mileage around 42 kmpl in City and 47 KMPL in Highway
      2. I got gaga over the looks so I got the bike
      3, Service is spot on in the showroom I give my bike

      Other opinion if you are looking for mileage you can consider CBR 150R or KTM duke 200 (if you want power and a decent mileage). Now am considering to buy duke 200.
      I thought to buy CBR 250R but my wife (newly married) told she wont sit on it if I buy one. Another reason she gave me was she has Honda DIO and she is not at all happy with the service, so i thought why the hell should continue the legacy.

      I have test ridden Honda CBR250R & KTM Duke 200. I like the pick up in KTM Duke 200 (just like 2 stroke yamaha RX100) and CBR 250R i like the fluffy seat.

      Hope I could help in making your decision much more practical.

      Let me know your views and which bike you have bought (atlast it your decision)
      cheers mate have fun. Ride hard. Ride safe

  8. How was the showroom service? The only thing that I’m concerned about is the reliability of the showroom guys, been going to every Bajaj showroom trying to fix that issue that none seem to notice since 2007.

  9. Hey dude m planing to get cbr 250r on 2nd nov. Mah birthday
    m confused on abs and std. Some says u havent rided a 250cc yet cz I m using pulser 150 right now..all are saying 250 is not god for u..
    But I want the cbr only just tell me 2 things
    will it give me 15+ avg. wat exactly average ur gettin
    & yeah does the abs ask for much maintenance

    • Dont listen to stupid ppl. 250cc is not hard to manage at all. CBR250R is my first bike.its that easy

      Avg: around 30kmpl
      ABS doesnt require any maintainance at all. Anyone telling you otherwise is bullshitting and has no idea of ABS bikes. In india ppl are wary about any new technology, dont listen to stupid ppl.. the abs is a very life saving and useful feature, go for it

  10. Did you get a radiator guard on yours? The grills on mine got bent a little the first time i took it above 100 on the university road 😐 too much debris i guess

  11. hai sandip,
    i am going to buy CBR 250r after reading a excellent review by the user.but i need some guidence. with 2 yrs of savings i goignt o buy this and i dont want look again a new bike for nearly 5 years. spare parts are very tough to get inhonda is it rue for cbr 250 ? bike servicing is not upto the mark in honda how do you feel with the service?

    please call me if possible 9989720820

    venu gopal

    • Spare parts is tough to get. You have to keep pestering the service centre guys. Servicing really depends on the service center, some are shitty some are good. If you are in blore, ask the Blore CBR250r riders club for best service centers

  12. hai sandip,
    thank you for your reply. i am about to buy cbr but i belong to vizag (a.p) and so many are selling cbr 250r bikes in my city vizag.as all are saying that parts scarcity. and we have only two showrooms offering service in that one is bad. what are the minimum spares we need after 1st service so that i can order first only ?

    • The ABS version has a ABS sticker on the front wheel cover. Also the ABS has Nissin brakes while the non ABS has Bybre brakes. The ABS has 3 calipers, the non ABS has two (but its hard to notice easily)

  13. hai sandeep i purchased 2013 model cbr 250r on saturday . after reading your review i purchased with confidence and selected abs version,black colour. at 1000kms 1st service given , no need to change oil before that? is it possible to raise handle bar ? and i have doubt about side stand can it hold that heavy bike?

    • No you dont need to change oil yet. I dont think you can raise the handle bars, may be you can look around for higher clip on handle bars but I dont know of any. And the side stand is rather sturdy, it will hold the bike. Also the bike is only around 20 kilos heavier than say a Hero Honda Hunk, thats not really very heavy.

  14. hai sandeep i compleated 600 kms untill now, bike is awesome but i put 10 litres petrol 74kms reading and now it is 543 and bike came to sensor blinking . it was nearly 47km/l mileage. is it possible on this bike but my bike got it now. i maintained speed not more than 55 kmph untill now.

  15. hello sir. I m planning to buy honda cbr250r repsol edition. Should I buy it now or wait for some new bikes to get launch???
    Will cbr250r give 25-30 kmpl mileage??

  16. now i like to buy the cbr250r abs.but i only stuck with the mileage.due to that my parents also think about the use or not.reply and what is the price of cbr250r with abs in chennai.pls reply me..

  17. sir i need a help i have just book a cbr 250r repsol variant . but i m a bit confused after hearing the newz of tokyo motor show that new look of 250r has been reveiled should i wait for that bike or continue for my delievery process!

  18. hai sandeep ,
    with ur review, today my bike second service is due it run 4800 kms. the bike is awesome. but i am getting pains on my right shoulder and still not comfortable for long runs on my bike and i am getting pains on thighs. i am 5: 8″ height . is it possible to increase height of the bike as my legs are becoming very tired as no stretch as i used pulsar 200 for 5 years and i didn’t get any at that time . any tips ?

  19. I brought a new cbr 250 abs few days ago..its awesome to ride but I feel heating on the side of fuel tank…u guys face same problem. ?

    • I brought a new cbr 250 abs few days ago..its awesome to ride but I feel heating on the side of fuel tank…u guys face same problem. ?and what speed I should manage before 1st service. .

  20. I am Planning for CBR but confused which one to choose 250R or CBR 150R. On bangalore Road 250R will give 20-25 Kmpl which is the downside and CBR150R will give 30-35 Kmpl and for daily use in bangalore we dont require power like 250R provide. Beside this few review which i got is 150 give more comfort than 250 (Riding Comfort and Aggressive riding) in terms of back pain and ergonomics. Can you help me in choosing ?

    • If you want fuel economy then a 250cc is not for you. Again, the somewhat aggressive posture is meant to be that way. This is a quarter litre sports cruiser and not a commuter.

  21. hi sir , i am planing for cbr 250 r ……….but , now the hero hx 250r is going to launch in soon …..and ktm 390 has the same price ,,, when we compare to cbr 250r abs ….. which should i can buy ?

  22. Hi

    Have almost made my mind on 250R abs as my first bike…please advice me if 150R is better or 250R…..i only like 150 R colour(green one that looks like ninja)…also 150R is harder to ride in daily traffic it seems…Thanks a lot in advance!

    • Define ‘better’? What may be better for you may not be better for me. One bike is more powerful than the other, while one is cheaper and more fuel efficient. I dont choose bikes for their color. Also CRB150 is not harder to ride. what makes you think so?

      • Hey , thanks for such a quick reply!”Better” as in the overall feel of the bike,it must feel good, that’s all. Fuel efficiency is a minor concern,though. CBR150 sitting is slightly more sporty, or aggressive, that’s what I surmised from some of the blogs, and not really as good as 250R for long rides.Hehe, ya and colour can be modified when needed :P….whats your view on this, again thanks in advance, your opinions matter a lot since, I do not have any friends who own 250 or 150R so cannot get reviews as valuable as yours 🙂

  23. Could someone please tell me what will be an advisable rpm/speed limit before the first service/1000km for CBR250R? I just bought it and trying my best to resist the temptation of its potential power. The manual only says to be easy on the acceleration and not to race the bike. Please throw some light on it… Thank you.

  24. hai sandeep,
    i bought cbr 250r in 2013 after reading your review and it was successfull as it was awsome untill i got technical problem in ignition lock. no spares and i waited for nearly 20 days to get it. i have given the bike for my cousin in hyd after that spares problem. now spares are available properly in visakhapatnam but i found second hand cbr 2013 model from one of my mate for 1.34L price . this is on road price for r15v2.o in my city . which to choose buy for new cbr 250r for 2.11L in my city or go for used cbr(abs model, 1600kms run)or go for new r15 v2.0 ?

    • That really depends. Ideally I wouldnt go for a second hand bike. Also comparing r15 with CBR purely on price is misleading. They are different bikes, CBR is more powerful, more capable, slightly less steep posture. So you got to factor those things

  25. Hi Sandip,

    I am a sporty guy i dont have any body pain because i do daily exercise . I like Sports bike so i really like looks of R15 and CBR so much . R15 i am feeling it will not be useful if i get marride because back seat is really tough for sitting my wife so that why i am avoiding R15 Second Choice is CBR 150 or CBR 250. As i have ride 150 cc engine bikes like Fz yamaha and Pulsor what i feel like pick up and Power is really not as i like. I like very good acceleration (Pick UP) and if gear is high also and suddenly speed become low know then also u do not nee to come to first gear always to push the bike thats why i like power. So i am thinking to Buy CBR 250 but people saying if u spending 2 lacks why not having a Bullet they have more powers and all….here i am bit confuse but not so much my inclenation toward is CBR 250 because of its Awesome look also.
    But ABS Verson is really costly now a days 2 lacks 23 thousand …..so i am feeling like go for 1 lacks 87 thousand
    My budget is not this much high but what to do…i always hear my heart thats why people say i am mad 😛 😛
    so give me suggestion about it…..and What makes this bike different from bullet and how can say people i dont like bullet relative to this bike because X Y Z……

    See ya

    Sagar here
    a Slave (Sr. Software enginner) At Tesco

    • If you go for the 250R pls buy the ABS version. Its about 30k more and I am pretty sure your life (and bones) are worth that 30k at least. ABS saves lives. Period. Yes you might think you are a great biker with Rossi like reflexes; well you are not. And that is where ABS comes into play. I don’t know of a single CBR ABS rides who has had a serious accident but I know of quite a few non ABS riders who have had accidents. Also during our group rides, ABS riders are usually faster than non ABS ones simply because ABS provides confidence to ride really fast and come to a stop quickly even in difficult conditions. I have ridden at 120 kmph in wet roads and never had an accident. So use your brains, borrow another 30k and buy ABS

      As for Bullet, its a completely different bike. Its a much better tourer compared to CBR because of the riding position. But Bullet despite the extra cc and hp is not faster on road compared to the CBR. And that is because of handling. The bullet is gentle but not sporty and as sharp as the CBR.

    • Bullet is a very different kind of bike and despite its larger displacement and power,it will never be as fast as CBR250R on the road. I dont think even 250R is suitable to seat a woman wearing a Saree as pillion, so that’s your call. As for ABS, the extra 40k will save your life in wet roads or sudden braking. It will also save your bike from accidents which means you won’t hv to spend on damages. In the long run, the money spent on ABS will keep you safe and save you money that you might otherwise spend in the hospital or bike repair.

  26. Thank you for the review. My question to you is, is it okay if I fit an Akrapovic exhaust to my new cbr 250? Will it cause any harm to my bike as it is just 2 days old? The person from the showroom said if I do any modifications with the exhaust they are not responsible for the harm caused to the bike. They say Ishould wait for another ccouple of years to change itas it effects the performancewhereas I am really ddesperate to fit an Akrapovic. Please help.

  27. HI sandeep…i would like to know about the maintenance costs…the expences you have had so far with the bike….

    • You would spend 2k-5k per servicing. I spent 3k on changing gear plates. Another 30k on changing both rims, front shocks etc but that was avoidable. The service center guys duped me into approving it.

  28. I’m looking out for a used CBR250 abs version in Mumbai. Think a 36k run 2011 September bike is worth at 80K? Now that production has been stopped you think we will get spares moving forward? Thanks

    • Yes spares shouldn’t be a problem. Most Honda bikes share spare parts plus the company has an obligation to provide spares for the usable life of the bike. 80k sounds like a good deal.

  29. hi sandeep i want to buy cbr 250 in pearl heron colour but its not available anywhere please tell me where should i get this any dealer contact no..
    actually i want this in pearl heron blue colour i you know anywhere its available please please notify me.. my contact no. 9050608378

  30. Hello sir. I read your blog Of your cbr 250r’s 3000 km completion. I really need your assistance regarding if i should go for the cbr 250r
    Or not because earlier i was a pulsar 220 owner. It was just fine in the beggining but turned to be a nightmare . It really gave me pain . Visor vibration weird sounds overheating stalling of the engine were the everyday issues i faced but lastly i sold it and now want a good sports bike which should stay with me lifelong without any complaints. My budget is around 1.5 to 2lakhs. Please help.

  31. Best review so far on CBR250R. Thanks for the review. I ride Honda Stunner 125 and was thinking for an upgrade. I have this and Duke 200 is in mind. I know both are of different categories but I’m confused between both these bikes. I like the duke for its raw power, acceleration, naked design, new in market. At the same time I like CBR for its comfort, speed, touring capabilities, ABS etc. I need both the bikes but can’t buy the both too. Really confused. I had almost zeroed on Duke untill i read this review. Now confusion started again. And also today i had a minor accident. In the road there was some gravel and i was on decent speed. Suddenly a auto guy braked in front of me so i had to apply brake. That lead the wheels to lock and go straight to the auto and hit so hard. This made think about ABS.

    • I honestly cant help you here. Both are different bikes and I won’t bash Duke just because I own a CBR. Where the CBR does better is lower end torque, better pillion seat, higher top speed and acceleration and ofcourse the ABS which is a live saver.

  32. Hi, I have been driving Pulsar 180 Ug4 from past 4 years. I want to shift to new bike and looking for above 200cc. I drive 70kms daily to commute to office and back, so comfort is the first priority which includes suspension. I am ok with mileage between 35 to 40. I am 5.10″. I am looking a bike which has ABS as I had fallen more than 10 times with front Tyre skidding. Does CBR 250 has on/off switch for ABS. As of now I am waiting for a better bike. Pulsar RS 200 is on my mind along with CBR 250. Pulsar problem is long run. Bike loosing pickup day by day and goes to scrap in 5 years. Looking for Yamaha R25. Can you give me suggestions.

    • You wont get 35-40 mileage with CBR, more like 25-30. Also while CBR is comfortable the seating is steeper than Pulsar by quite a few degrees. And no there is no on/off for ABS. The only time you might wanna switch off ABS is if you plan to perform stunts.

  33. Thanks for the review. Its nicely written and addresses most of the FAQs.

    This would be my first bike.
    I was looking for a bike that would be a good tourer as well as commuter. I ruled out REs due to the heavy maintenance that they require.

    So i was left with pulsar AS200, duke200, cbr150r and cbr250r to choose from or wait till pulsar 200cs gets launched and then compare.

    As of now, I am planning to buy the 150R or 250R std version due to budget limitations.

    I will be using this for daily commute of 4kms, long weekend rides (40-50kms) and once in a month or once in two months intercity rides (>200kms).

    I think a 150cc wouldn’t be enough for overtaking or when you want to be above 110kmph at highways. But at the same time, a 150 or 200 would be better in city. Thats creating a dilemma.

    Is 250R, of all the options, closest to fulfilling all the above requirements? There are few more questions that i would appreciate if answered:

    1. Which service centers would provide a decent service for CBRs? I reside in whitefield area. So a closer service center would be more welcome 🙂
    2. Is availability of spares for 250R still not up to the par in bangalore?

    • Don’t be a fool. Borrow extra 30k and buy the ABS version. Will save you a lot more cost in the long run by preventing accidents and broken bones. And spares are not readily available. You have a to wait a week or 2 in some cases

  34. My story is same as yours. Just wanted to know what will be the cost of painting it red and silver. One more thing, I have non-ABS version. I know I am being silly but can ABS be added in non-abs cbr

  35. Hi sir
    I have CBR 250Rbought 2 months ago but I am facing one issue. Whenever I ride it for long distance after 60-70 kms the rider seat getting hot form engines hot air. I spoke to service center guy but he was not able to solve this. Can you tell me what is/are the reason for this.
    Thank you

  36. Hi Sandip,
    Very well put. I managed to clock 25K ish in 2yrs. I totally agree with all your experience.

    Coming to your one little problem not going down shift at red signals, i think you might have already figured it out. Release the clutch a bit it will downshift or give a little momentum to the bike.

    Thanks for sharing such great stuff.
    Ride Hard, Ride Safe & Keep Riding 🙂


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