CloudMagic, Todoist and Evernote : The mobile productivity trifecta

Mobiles (and tablets) are supposed to be more than just for data consumption. You should be able to get work done on them. While I do not see myself making a sales deck on my smartphone or writing 5 level nested formulae on an excel sheet with my tablet, I definitely need to read, create and reply to emails on them and keep track of meetings and tasks.

While apps for social networking (facebook, Twitter, Tweetcaster) and browsing (Chrome. What else?) are well entrenched in their popularity, emailing apps on the phone are still something we use only grudgingly. Its a necessary evil. And when it comes to task management there are even fewer people who use any app – most I know prefer writing it on a white board or Post-its or making an excel sheet (the MBA answer to all problems in life).

Like most of us, I need to be able to access my emails from anywhere. I also like to check my tasks for the day first thing in the morning. I also attend multiple calls a day and like to take notes for reference in future and tag them for easy recall. These are the 3 apps that I use for these tasks and I absolutely cannot live without them

1. CloudMagic for my email needs

I don’t know who chose this name because it tells you nothing about the product, and a great product nonetheless. The default email apps that come with Android totally sucks, they are slow, ugly, don’t do much else besides just checking email. Like every other email app you can use it with Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo etc

Why it’s awesome?

Great UI: I love beautiful minimalist design and CloudMagic keeps it sleek and clean.  Oh and it also won a Webby’s for the Best Visual Design so that’s there. I have to say it looks better than the Gmail app and that’s quite an achievement.

Cards: CloudMagic has these things called “cards” which you can add to connect CloudMagic to other apps/services like Evernote, Todoist, OneNote, Pocket, Zendesk and others. So I can for instance create a task in Todoist from an email in CloudMagic or add a note to Evernote. Plus, the developers are always willing to listen to your requests to add new cards – Todoist card for example was highly requested by users and they added it.

Fast search: CloudMagic lets you do real time search so you get results as you type. Awesome.

Works offline: You can search/read emails offline

There are other awesome features too like the ability to set reminders, unified inbox, really well done threaded conversation view and more. Give it a try

2. Todoist for Zen-like task management

Todoist is a task management app. But what is awesome about it is that its simple enough for you to not get daunted and feature-rich enough for you to do everything you need.

Why it’s awesome?

UI : Uncluttered, minimalist and simple

Multi platform: Works across Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Windows Phone. And it has a Chrome plugin too.

Outlook Integration: Provides a Outlook plugin (only for Windows, sadly not for Mac) so you can add/edit tasks right out of Outlook. And I hate Outlook Tasks feature. It sucks.

Projects and Labels : You can arrange your tasks into projects for better grouping and context. You can label them too.

Collaboration: You can add others to tasks and your team can comment on your tasks. Mighty helpful.

Natural language input: You can set a reminder simply by typing “tomorrow at 11 am” and its set.

It’s awesomeness notwithstanding, I would still like a few new features to it. First would be a Outlook for Mac plugin. Second would be day wise week view like Horizonate so I can see my tasks for a whole week. Also a Weekly Status and Overdue list at the end of each week.

3. Evernote for all the note taking you need

I have to admit Evernote wasn’t my first choice. I was a avid user of but when it shut down I was given with the option to migrate my data to Evernote and haven’t looked back since.

Evernote lets you take text, voice or picture notes and stores in on the cloud for you to access anywhere. It has apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. You can attach documents to your notes which is what I use to attach recorded conference calls to notes I take during those calls. I would love to see a feature where I can automatically set Evernote to attach the current recorded call to a note – that way I can take notes during a call and then once the call ends the recording of it gets attached to Evernote automatically. Also some kind of Todoist integration where I can save notes on Todoist task to Evernote.


2 thoughts on “CloudMagic, Todoist and Evernote : The mobile productivity trifecta

  1. Hey Sandip!!
    Well that was quite a knowledge for layman like me..!
    The product was well explained, crisp and attracted my attention..
    Just that I got to understand and kinda become familier first with the applications of “cards” that you mentioned some of them being Evernote, Todoist, OneNote, Pocket, Zendesk …
    Well done.
    Keep writing!

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