Release Early, Release Often. Not quite

Quite often I have come across the mantra of “Release Early, Release Often” , a philosophy that says developers should release their products early and gauge user response to the app and make frequent changes based on user feedback. The benefits of such an approach are obvious, you get early feedback from users telling you what they like and what they don’t and what features they would like to see in the product. It ensures your development is headed in the right direction and doesn’t oscillate out our control. It helps you focus and get to the right features faster instead of releasing something into the market and realizing you have gone all wrong. For many developers this had yielded good dividends. It does work. Continue reading


TechCrunch spreads FUD about Android

Now I am not new to tech fanaticism. I have been a Linux evangelist(read fanatic) myself and I have gotten into heated debates with people over Linux. But we used to be a civilized, objective lot. We argued on facts and figures (of course a few did argue that “Linux = opensource = good, Windows = closed = evil” which never went down with non FOSS geeks), we touted numbers to prove our superiority like number of bugs found over a time period vis-a-vis Windows, boot up times, file read/write speed, memory utilization, uptimes etc.

But there is another breed of tech fanatics, whose fanaticism borders on the edge of delusion, who would not listen to facts and figures that go against them and would instead cook up and speculate numbers to justify their alleged superiority, and whose fanaticism has been equaled by scientists to those of religious fanatics.

Apple religion

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Dont want an iPad

Much has been said and written (and tweeted and statused and blogged) about the iPad, Apple’s oh-so-cool Tablet. Now I have always wanted a tablet. I am the kind of person who would like to have a laptop even when I go to the loo. But the main reason I want need a tablet is because I love reading books and online articles. I downloaded countless books from torrent sites(yes I know its illegal, but I also have bought countless books too. Anymore paper based books and I will need a separate room for those. Already books occupy my bed, table, chair more than I do and I have a wardrobe full of, guess what? Books) and I like reading them. But lying down on your bed and reading a book is just downright ridiculous and this alone has forced me to buy a few paper based books for which I had an ebook.

So like everyone else I was immensely excited about the iTablet/iSlate/iWhatever it was gonna be called and iSandy really wanted one. I was even planning to blackmail Dad to buy me one. And now that it has been launched I am thoroughly disappointed. Ask why? Well here are the reasons

1. No multitasking: This is arguably the single biggest disappointment and constitutes 90 percent of the reason I dont want to buy one. What this simply means is that I can’t listen to my favorite music while reading my books, I cant have a twitter app on while surfing or my email client won’t run in the background while I am writing my next master piece of a blog post. Come on, are we going back to DOS again? Even many OSs in the 70s had multi tasking.

2. Looks ugly: Yes Apple makes great looking products but this one just doesn’t cut it for me. Yeah the back looks good. But I had the huge black border, it could have been thinner.

3. No Camera: I need a camera to video chat and stuff. Cameras are now expected with laptops and netbooks, then why not this?

4. No HDMI Out: I don’t own a TV right now but may be once I have a job I will. Or when I am at home, I would like to view my videos and pics on the TV. But guess what, I can’t do that coz there’s no HMDI out. Bad Apple 😦

5. No Adobe Flash: Say bye bye to Youtube or any form of streaming video. iPad got to Flash.

6. Expandable Memory: I guess this should be No 2 on the list. iPad is available in 16, 32 and 64 GB versions but there is not way to go beyond that. You cannot expand. There is no support  for any sort of expansion card whatsoever. And I need storage and shit loads of it.

7. Adapters for everything: Much has been sacrificed for the sake of design. To connect almost anything you need a big ugly adapter. Even for USB. Sorry Apple. I don’t need this. I mean, come on Mr Jobs, do you live in some parallel universe?

8. Stylus: Not many would know that I have a bit of a liking for art and drawing. I spend some 5 years at various drawing schools and once in a while I do get into designing, nothing too great or awesome but I still do. And I was hoping a tablet would be awesome for that, I could straightway draw on the screen itself. But no, iPad got no stylus. I would have liked that.

9. The name “iPad”: iPad? Really Apple? Really? What were you thinking? I mean rhyming with iPod and iPhone is okay, but why this? Already countless jokes are doing the rounds. Take this one for instance. picked up from Twitter, kathycacace says ” The iPad: protecting your data from embarrassing incidents.” So are we gonna call the 16GB version a light flow model and 64 GB the heavy flow one? And of course there is this MaxiPad parody of iPad on Youtube. Obviously the question arises, if there will be a slimmer, smaller version called the iPon? And come to think of it, even IBM had ThinkPads.

So finally, iPad was one Apple device I was hoping to buy. I am not a fan of Macs coz I don’t need all that user friendliness and I rather want customization. I also never really liked the iPhone, a lot of phones these days have multi touch and many Nokia/Sony models have better features at half the price. So I guess I will just wait for Acer, HP and Sony to launch their models and buy one.