Finally its done, Cube3_Div Released

Here it is finally, Cube3_div 1.0. This adds Division algebra feature to CUBE 3.2 . Finally, its over. Now can completely devote myself to other projects. Thanks to Verdi March of Sun APSTC Singapore and Markus Geimer and Brian Wylie of Julich Supercomputing Centre for all their help and support.

Download and check (only if you are interested in MPI/Open MPI development). Click here to download.



My SCALASCA project is coming to an end. Its nearly over. I will take up another after this. This seems to be addictive, I want to learn more and more about it. And I have such fantastic and supportive people like Ganesh, Rajesh and Verdi. I wont talk about my next project right now. Let me complete this one first.

Ganesh Sir has already let students from my college ( work on porting apps to OpenSolaris IPS. Now he is also willing to let selected students to work on HPC projects under Sun Engineers from Singapore, who are also researchers at NUS. And I am understandably ecstatic about it. This will really help our students. HPC @ Sun means the cutting edge of technology and some really cool projects.

Also I and a few other friends of mine are fully going ahead with our plan of setting up a cluster here. Exciting times ahead. 🙂

Diwali for me

Now our college is closed for nearly two weeks on account of Diwali. I have got a lot of time to do my work. I have to get the cluster up and ready, finish the stupid database for CBIP, work on Robocon(if I do have time) and finish up the syllabus. For the cluster, I will first have to learn how to write multi-threaded programs in C, learn about creating processes, network socket programming and finally programming using MPICH library. MPICH is what will make the cluster possible. Let me see how much I get done.Its a tall order. Wish me luck.