Ground Rules

This is my personal blog (Please notice the emphasis on the word ‘personal’). Moreover, the Indian Constitution gives me freedom of speech and expression. These two facts imply that I am free to write whatever I want on this blog. Anything and everything that is mention in this blog is either my personal opinion or a verifiable fact or both. For example, when I say “ZFS is a 128 bit file system”; its a fact. If I say, “Ubuntu is better than Mandriva”; its my personal opinion. And I have every right to form a personal opinion and also to write it on my blog.

If any of the statements made in this blog, hurts the sentiment of any person and/or organization, I am extremely sorry for that. However, I will NOT take it off the blog. Those are my statements and I stand by them. If at any time in future, any of my opinions are proved wrong, categorically and with proper evidence, facts and arguments, I shall publicly admit the same on this blog. In fact, if I don’t, you are free to remind me of the same. I am open to facts and evidences and am ever ready to change my views in the light of verifiable evidence. But unless evidence to the contrary is provided or I stumble upon it, I shall not change my opinion.

However, this is a free world and you are entitled to express your opinion as much as I do. Therefore, if you think that any of what I have written is wrong as per your established views, you can leave those opinions as comments and I will publish them provided they are reasoned arguments and in a civil language, and I shall also answer to them. You can also try convincing me to change my point of view.

Lastly, I am not an expert on any topic other than squandering my parent’s money and wasting time. Therefore, my views expressed on this blog on any subject barring the aforementioned should be read with discretion. I can not and will not guarantee that whatever I say here is correct. However, I always strive to provide a correct and well judged viewpoint to the best of my mental faculties. But, like any human, I could be wrong. And as mentioned earlier, you are free to argue with me on that.

If you don’t like what I write, you can do either of the following

  • Stop reading this blog and ask your friends to do the same. But, then, I don’t make money from this blog and therefore I don’t really care. This blog is for my friends to read and they will always come back.
  • Publish another blog debunking me. However, I am not sure if I am that important to deserve such honor. Nevertheless, my best wishes if you want to do that. It will surely be fun to read.
  • Sue me. But nothing’s gonna come out of it. I have a faint understanding of laws relating to blogging online and I can assure you, no clause of the IPC or IT Act will empower you to make a successful case against me.
  • Leave comments telling me I am wrong. Please do that and I shall approve those as long as the language is civil and the arguments reasoned.

What you cannot do

  • Please do not mail me with your grievances. You will not elicit a reply. If you want to communicate, do it as comments on this blog.
  • Make a plea to stop me from writing or discussing about anything/anyone. I honor arguments not pleas.
  • Try to call me and discuss your grievances.
  • Try to get some mutual friend to call me and ask me to restrain myself. Not gonna work. You can however, drop me a comment wanting to talk to me and I might honor your request and if you so desire, I shall not publish that comment. It will be between you and me
  • Spam my phone with SMS or calls. I shall straight way take the matter to the cops

Also understand that, it is not in my nature to slander any person or organization. I respect people and their abilities and consider that everyone is brilliant in their own ways. But as a human being, it is in my nature to form opinions. We do that all the time. However, I have no agenda against anyone. If I write against anyone, it is probably because I feel strongly about it and I want my readers to be aware of it. Again, I repeat, my opinions could be wrong. But I try my best to be right.



13 thoughts on “Ground Rules

    • Actually it wasnt meant for Fadia. It was meant for another “india’s pride” self professed security guru and hacker 😉

  1. Hi sandip. name is nikita I’m staying in chennai .
    Right now I m studying in the eight grade and next year I would be in 9th
    I want to take a step towards management institution from now so is there any preparation I should start so I could achieve everything in centum grades

  2. Hi Sandeep,
    How good do you think is an MBA for a career change ? I work as an engineer, though I like tech, lately I have learnt that I may do good in business. My GK is very good, I have always been reading newspapers, magazines a lot. While that used to be only for fun, I have begun to feel that perhaps I can make a career out of it. Appreciate your honest feedback. Let me know if you want my personal email id.

    • I think there is more to mba than GK. I think you can move up the ladder in engg too. Mba will take you along a different career path. So it depends on where you see yourself going

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