TechCrunch spreads FUD about Android

Now I am not new to tech fanaticism. I have been a Linux evangelist(read fanatic) myself and I have gotten into heated debates with people over Linux. But we used to be a civilized, objective lot. We argued on facts and figures (of course a few did argue that “Linux = opensource = good, Windows = closed = evil” which never went down with non FOSS geeks), we touted numbers to prove our superiority like number of bugs found over a time period vis-a-vis Windows, boot up times, file read/write speed, memory¬†utilization, uptimes etc.

But there is another breed of tech fanatics, whose fanaticism borders on the edge of delusion, who would not listen to facts and figures that go against them and would instead cook up and speculate numbers to justify their alleged superiority, and whose fanaticism has been equaled by scientists to those of religious fanatics.

Apple religion

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