Being an Entrepreneur : What I learnt from Piyush Nahata

IIM-A conducts an Entrepreneurship fair every year where it invites select startups across multiple sectors to interact with the students and hopefully convince some of these students to work with them during for their summer internship. There is usually a decent mix of companies; tech startups are obviously there along with a lot of Edu startups (looks like a Edu bubble there to me), energy and a few financial ones as well. To be frank, I was kind of disappointed by the turn out the previous year and so this year my hopes weren’t very high. By far, the only firm I was looking forward to was Zomato and that too because I was interested in the new API they released rather than any work opportunity with them. You might find a comparison of Zomato and Burrp API on this blog sometime in the next few weeks. So yeah, I went to the Zomato booth and had a nice chat with it’s COO Pankaj Chaddha. I love their site and I am looking forward to more stuff from them. There were quite a few other cool startups as well and it would be great if some of the students did join these firms for their summers. Continue reading